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DesktopMAME is a windows wallpaper changer

It allows you to change your windows wallpaper automatically every amount of minutes you specify and display a collage of MAME related artwork.

Simply download and follow the simple install, then run the configuration utility to set your Snap, Flyer and Marquee paths, set how often you wish the application to change the desktop wallpaper then run it. 


Download version 1.10 (510KB)

Make sure you set your paths correctly and you have all the artwork required. The application will only create wallpaper when it finds all artwork for a particular game.

You can also of course place a shortcut in the start menu startup folder to run automatically every time you load windows.

30th July 2009 - Version 1.2

  • Now installs when newer version of .net framework installed
  • Upgrade to .net framework 2

27th November - Version 1.1

  • Now uses high quality composition and interpolation of images.
  • New item in program group to Stop.
  • Install setup stops the apps process if already running.

26th November - Version 1.0.

  • Initial release

.net framework 1.1

If you require the source code, help or extra development of this project, I am for hire. See my company site: spesoft